If you find a wild animal that is injured or orphaned,
it is important to know what to do in a timely fashion.

In Michigan, click here for a list of certified wildlife rehabilitators that can guide you on the best steps to take for the animal. (Outside of Michigan, an internet search for “Wildlife Rehabilitator” including your area should pull up a list.)

Please contact a wildlife rehabilitator before touching or removing any animal from its environment. Especially in the case of “orphaned” babies- often parents are nearby, waiting for the area to be safe and human-free before returning.

Please be aware: If the animal is in need of care, most times you will be asked to transport the animal to the rehabilitator, as their schedules are often very hectic with general animal care and feedings.

If you cannot reach a rehabilitator, try contacting your local Animal Control or non-emergency Police Department. In dire need, if an animal is suffering and not likely to survive, many veterinary offices can take the animal in for euthanasia (putting the animal to sleep), for little to no fee if you explain the situation.

Please note: It is illegal to keep wildlife in your care without proper licensing!

More information on species-specific animal care will be coming soon!